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四月 24, 2012
这个球场还是蛮远的(从Richmond Hill)。 去过一次后感觉还是很值得。
价格便宜,赶上好Deal, 二十多块,如果四个朋友car pool,还是值得跑一趟。

Century Pines Golf Club
18 Holes

Century Pines Golf Club  

Hamilton - ON
球场类型: Public
球场洞数: 18 Holes
电话: 905--628-2877
地址: 592 Westover Rd
开放时间段: N/A
大体的球场收费: Week day:$30 - $48.50, Weekend & Holiday:$40 - $52
建造年份: N/A

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Saul Korman, icon in the Toronto clothing industry was recently on air with Newstalk 1010 and Sportsnet 590 talking about the I.Kaneff Charitable Golf Tournament on October 6th.   He is donating a couple custom suit jackets.   There is still room to participate and enjoy an amazing day of golf, food, friends and fun. […]

To fit a full round of golf is a challenge in itself. Whether you are a single rapscallion hacking away at your nearby track, or a typical working professional, five hours plus away from your daily duties can be a challenge.However, golf of course is known as an activity that sees a lot of traction […]

After 112 years, Canada will finally defend the gold medal we won in Men’s Golf at the Olympics!The year was 1904 (just under eight years since Titanic’s voyage), and George S. Lyon took Gold at the St. Louis Olympics. By saying that Canada is back to defend is rather ‘tongue and cheek’, but the game’s return […]

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Sometimes fate knocks on your door or in this case, a window! One of Ignat Kaneff’s first homes under construction backed onto a golf course and one day a ball came crashing through his window; that’s how he discovered golf.

“The golfers told me they would fix my window and invited me to play golf,” explains Iggy. “I hit a good ball—250 yards, which landed on the green.” But when Iggy applied to join a prestigious golf club, he says his application was turned down. “They didn’t accept guys like me from Bulgaria” he says. “So I was ambitious enough to want a golf course of my own.”

A passion for golf was born. KaneffGolf now consists of 6 properties and 144 holes of golf. Plans are currently under way for a new golf course in Caledon, Ontario.

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