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Richmond Hill Golf Club
九月 15, 2012
1 Difficult starting hole but can be made easy if played properly. Your target off the tee is the 150-yard marker just right of the fairway bunker. From there your approach is protected by two bunkers front and right to a small undulating green. A good miss is short of this green as it leaves a relatively easy up and down for par. Anything long results in a tough chip shot to a downhill green. Try to take your par and run to the second tee.
2 The tee shot sets up this hole entirely. Deep trouble to the right off the tee and tall trees left. Your target is at the two fairway bunkers in the distance. From there you are hitting a short iron to a deep narrow green protected by a massive bunker on the right and a small one short left. Play for the middle of the green regardless of where the pin is, and you leave a reasonable chance for birdie.
3 This medium length par five gives the long hitters the best chance at birdie on the front nine. Tee shot should be aimed left of the fairway bunker on the right of the fairway. The second shot is critical. From there it is reachable for some, but the best play is a lay up to about 100 yards avoiding three nasty bunkers left and a large one on the right. You are now hitting to a sizable green that slopes sharply from back to front. Fire right at the pin to give yourself a good put for birdie. A shot missed should be left short left in order to salvage your par.
4 Tough little par three with a green well protected by bunkers. With out of bounds to the left and long, take one club less and aim for the middle of the green. From there remains a tough putt on a green that slopes from back to front. Take two putts and be happy to walk away with a par.
5 Definitely the toughest hole on the front 9 for any level of golfer. With water right and out of bounds left, a tee shot in the fairway here is your first task. Remember it takes two shots to reach the green so don't be greedy with your tee shot. Your target off the tee is the 150-yard marker. From there you are hitting to a narrow green protected by bunkers right and left. The green slopes sharply from back to front but a shot anywhere on the green and you've done well. Bogey on this hole is not a bad score.
6 A good chance to get some strokes back from the last hole. An iron off the tee aimed at the 150-yard marker leaves you a mid to short iron into the green. The green is well protected by bunkers right and left and slopes sharply form right to left. Your approach shot should be aimed right of the pin as everything kicks to the left. A well-placed approach to a quick green leaves you with a good chance to walk away with birdie.
7 This long par three plays even longer because it is an elevated green. With out of bounds left and three deep bunkers in front, a good bail out is to the right of the green. Take one more club off the tee and aim for the middle of the green. A good spot to be is long as it leaves an easier opportunity to make par. The green slopes from front to back and is very undulating. Two putts on this hole and you've done well, and if its par, even better. A par on this hole feels more like a birdie.
8 The tee shot here is the easy part. Any shot avoiding the right bunkers puts you in a good spot to attack this green. From there you are faced with the most difficult approach on the course. Water left, large bunker short and grass bunkers right don't leave you with much margin for error. Aim for the middle of the green taking one more club on your approach. Once on the green, you are faced with a tricky green that gives up many three putts. Try to knock it close, take two putts and get out of there.
9 To finish off your front 9, a challenging par three stands in your way. The wind makes all the difference on this hole as it usually is blowing from the right. With water right and bunkers short and left, it is best to select one club up from the tee and play this hole long. Left is not a bad bail out to avoid hitting into the water, and allows you a chance to salvage par. The large green can leave you a variety of difficult putts so play safe, take your two putts and stroll to the halfway house.
10 A true three shot par five with a lot of trouble from tee to green. Anywhere but right is good off the tee but the best shots are aimed at the left fairway bunker in the distance. From there a large tree protects the left side of the hole but that is the best place to put your second. Aim left of the 150-yard marker as everything kicks right avoiding the fairway bunker on the right hand side. The third shot is to a large green with most of the trouble towards the right. Forget about the pin and aim for the middle of the green. If you can get on in three, give it a good run at the birdie but par is a good way to start off the back 9.
11 The most difficult hole on the golf course and for a good reason. The tee shot is the most difficult shot on this hole hitting down in the valley to a narrow fairway that slopes sharply from right to left. An iron off the tee is your best bet aimed right of the 150-yard marker. From there the approach is downhill to a well-guarded green with trees and water long. Take one club less and go at the pin. The green is relatively flat and gives you a good chance to make up a stoke with your putter. Walking away with bogey here is a good score, and a par is a bonus.
12 A tricky little par four that starts out with an important tee shot. Avoiding the water is your main concern. A mid-iron off the tee aimed left of the cart parth gives you a good approach to the green. Form there you can be aggressive with a short iron with the only real trouble being short in the water. Go at the pin leaving you a chance to make up a shot from the last hole. The green is quite undulating, and taking two putts here is never a bad thing, but this hole offers you a good chance for birdie.
13 A short downhill par thee in which club selection means everything. Water in front of green makes anything short a miss hit. However you must take one club less because of the elevated tee to help your distance control. The green slopes sharply form back to front and has many tricky undulations throughout. Aim at the middle of the green regardless of where the pin is. Once on the green, don't be too aggressive. Lag your putt up close to the hole and try to tap it in for your par.
14 A long par four with trouble left of the hole the entire way. The tee shot should be aimed down the right side of the fairway avoiding the water left and fairway bunker as well. From there you are faced with an approach in which club selection is crucial. Take one more club to this elevated green and aim to the right side of the green as water creeps in towards the left side. The green is three tiered and leaves you with a very difficult putt if you are not on the right level. Play for two putts as this green hands out the most three putts on the course.
15 A short par four that gives you a good opportunity for birdie. An iron off the tee to the right side of the fairway, avoiding the large fairway bunker left, results in the best angle to the green. A short iron into this green should be aimed to the left of the pin as the green slopes from left to right. One club more is required on the approach to avoid the large tree that guards the short side of the green. Bunkers guard all sides of the green so club selection is vital. Most putts on this hole are downhill and are usually fast. Give it a good run on your first putt to give yourself chance for the birdie.
16 Another short par four that can be very tricky if your tee short is not in the right position. Leave your driver in the bag and lay up towards the 150-yard marker with a mid to long iron. From there you are left with a short iron in to a slightly downhill green. You can be aggressive with your approach but take one club less and fire at the pin. A good miss is short and right as a bunker guards the left side of the green. The green is large and undulating usually leaves a tricky putt for birdie. Don't be too aggressive with your putt, and try to stroll to the next tee with a par.
17 A short but very difficult par three. Usually plays into the wind and takes at least one more club to get it all the way to the green. The right side should be avoided as best as you can. A good bail out is left of the greenside bunkers as water creeps in close to the green along the right and back of the green. The green slopes severely from back to front and any putts uphill must be aggressive to get it all the way to the hole. This hole gives up many bogeys and that's not a bad score on this par three.
18 This is where your good round can be spoiled with one shot and starts right from the tee blocks. It is tempting but it's best to leave your driver in the bag. A long iron off the tee is your best bet aimed right down the middle of the first part of the fairway. From there another long iron aimed left of the clubhouse in the distance leaves you with your best opportunity to hit this green in three shots. The right side should be avoided on your approach to the green as a oversized greenside bunker awaits you and everything kicks to the right. The green is the largest on the course so club selection is important in order to get it close to the pin. Take one more club to this uphill green and aim slightly left of the pin. The green is relatively flat so you can be aggressive with any putt you have. Scores on this hole have ranged from 2 to 12 so don't be too disappointed to finish off your round with a bogey.
Richmond Hill Golf Club
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Richmond Hill Golf Club  

Richmond Hill - Ontario Canada
球场类型: Public
球场洞数: 18 Holes
电话: 905--889-4653
地址: 8755 Bathurst St
开放时间段: N/A
大体的球场收费: Week day:$30 - $80, Weekend & Holiday:$30 - $90
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course2 18 Holes of Championship Public Golf ANNUAL JOB FAIR

Wednesday, February 19th – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 22nd – 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a public or private facility? Is your driving range open to the public?

We are a fully public Golf Club, therefore, all of our facilities including the driving range are open to anyone.

Do you offer any memberships?

Since we operate as a Public Golf Club we do not offer any full memberships, however, we do offer  Memberships.  Our Prepaid Elite Membership allows you to put a lump sum of money on account of which you draw from to make purchases at a discounted rate (10% to 25%).  Purchases can be made towards any item at RHGC, and best of all, the funds never expire.

How far in advance can I book a tee time?

Bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance either over the phone or online, however, under special circumstances we can allow bookings further out. You can book more than 1 tee time in advance if you wish, although any cancellations must be made within our cancellation policy.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We request 24 hours’ notice if you must cancel your tee time or reduce the number of players in your group.  A tee time confirmation email will be sent out at the time of booking as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance.  Any recurring no shows or cancellations made within 24 hours may result in the loss of future advanced booking privileges.

How is your pace of play on an average day?

We increased the timing of our tee time intervals a few years back, which means less golfers and less traffic on the course on any given day. This had a significant impact on our pace of play which is currently at an average of 4 hours and 20 minutes, but most days can be played closer to 4 hours.

Is there any affiliation between the Richmond Hill Golf Club and the Richmond Hill Country Club?

Yes, we operate under the same umbrella. Although the Country Club is a members only facility, several of our events utilize both the Golf Club and Country Club amenities. Certain membership categories at the Country Club allow signing privileges and discounts at the Golf Club. Our Prepaid Elite Members have limited access to the dining facilities at the Country Club. There is also a direct route cart path that our golfers can take back and forth if they wish to utilize both Golf Club & Country Club facilities.

I’ve heard about “Club Elite” Memberships, how do they work?

Club Elite Members are members at the Richmond Hill Country Club who receive privileges at the Golf Club. When you are a Spa Club or Body Zone category member at the Country Club, you can enroll as a Club Elite member at no charge. Club Elite members receive 25% off all green fees and power cart fees for themselves and their guests, and charges can be made back to their account at the Country Club.

I’m a beginner golfer, is your golf course suitable for my level of experience?

Because of the length of our course and 3 different tee decks, our course is very beginner friendly. With that said, a combination of some narrow holes and several hazards throughout the course makes it challenging for advanced players as well. We recommend beginners to play in twilight hours when it is not as busy so you are not feeling rushed. Green fees are reduced and you do not need to play all 18 holes, and a 10 hole option is also available.

How do I sign up for lessons?

Simply call our  at (905) 889-4653 ext.448 or send an email to and we will answer any questions you have.  Bookings can be made over the phone and payments would occur prior to first lesson.


Booking Policy

Over the phone bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance and require a contact phone number and email address to send confirmation.  Bookings can also be made up to 4 weeks in advance through our online tee time reservation system using GolfNow, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

We request 24 hours’ notice if you must cancel your tee time or reduce the number of players in your group.  A tee time confirmation email will be sent out at the time of booking as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance.  Any recurring no shows or cancellations made within 24 hours may result in the loss of future advanced booking privileges.

Rain Check Policy

We consider inclement weather to be a part of the game of golf, however, if you are forced to abandon your round due to heavy consistent rain, lighting, course flooding, or if the golf course is deemed unplayable by RHGC staff, we will gladly issue a rain check under the following guidelines:

Less than 6 holes are completed – 100% rain check will be issued

Between 6 and 12 holes are completed – 50% rain check will be issued

Group has teed off 13th hole – No rain check will be issued

We will not issue rain checks due to the threat of poor weather or light showers.  All rain checks issued will include value of green fees and power/pull carts.  Any rain checks issued prior to September 1st will expire at the end of the season, rain checks issued after this date will expire June 30th of the following season.  All rain checks are fully transferable.

Dress Code Policy

Blue jeans, T-Shirts, tank tops, tracksuits, gym outfits and metal spiked golf shoes are NOT permitted to be worn on course.  Standard acceptable attire includes a collared shirt, khaki shorts or pants and golf shoes or running shoes.  Any guests not adhering to the dress code policy may not be allowed to play or required to purchase acceptable attire from our Proshop (discount will be provided).

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

RHGC is licensed by the AGCO to provide all alcoholic beverages on the course, patios and clubhouse area.  Guests are not permitted to bring or consume personal supplies on the property.  Failure to comply may result in cancellation of their play and/or removal from the property.  All employees are Smart Serve trained and have the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given of any kind including purchases for green fees, lessons & Proshop merchandise.  Returns for Proshop merchandise are exchange only within 30 days of purchase.  All lesson packages are non-refundable, however, they are fully transferable and do not expire.

Contact (905) 889-4653
For general inquiries and tee time bookings,
contact the Proshop at extension 422
Address 8755 Bathurst Street
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 0H4

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